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an advocate for pioneers, lover of all things creative and an explorer of faith in relation to contemporary culture


i am...

in london
married to jen
a dad with two amazing sons joel and harry
a granddad with three amazing granddaughters flo, thea and olivia

britain hub mission director for church mission society where i am reimagining faith and mission
an advocate for pioneers, i.e. those who dream of a better world and act to make it happen.
founder of pioneer training in oxford which has now expanded to a number of other hubs.

a member of grace where i try and work out how to follow christ

a photographer - i enjoy sharing photos on flickr and am a member of london independent photography and the ealing group .
a writer with lots of articles, chapters in books, books.
a blogger
a songwriter - have recorded a few albums over the years.
qualified with a BSc in Statistics and MA in applied theology

lover of music especially ambient, chilled, dub and a bbc 6 music fan
lover of good food, belgian beer and conversation
love art especially contemporary stuff