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a lot of people (including myself) use the rss tool at www.blogmatrix.com


Blogmatrix is better than nothing, but (being a free service used by many) it doesn't provide much. I thought Blogger updated things to add RSS support -- or is that only for paying customers?


blogmatrix works for us blogger users now, they say they will be adding rss feeds to the free useage people soon...but we'll see.

Jordon Cooper

Blogger Pro has it and it works well.


in which case how do you find what the feed is if there isn't a button on the page?...


If you have a mac, netnewswire. Also, if there isn't a button, I usually do a find on the page for "xml" or "rss" or "feed".

Jordon Cooper

Blogstreet (www.blogstreet.com) has a RSS finder on their site. The site feed for this site is --

and it will work for any blog that has a RSS feed.

Generally I think that people who have RSS put the orange XML button on their site (Dave Winer had a great idea when he came up with that) or have a RSS link on their site navigation (I do both).

Hope this helps


thanks - that helps! i think i'm getting there....

Jaguar Lover

I am looking for something to post rss feeds on my Jaguar Blog.


with blogger you automatically get an atom feed - http://jagology.blogspot.com/atom.xml that you can put into any newsreader etc...

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