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maybe apple users are geeks!


yes - when i was at mac expo it was abundantly clear that not all mac users are cool!!!!!


My informal observation of our kids led me to think that maybe internet usage [a lot of it IRC] was drastically reducing hours in front of the tele. There's an interesting set of implications to be teased out and researched about media usage in the wired home. Then the question has to be asked -what will this plus the technologies of cable, TiVo etc do to broadcasting? -Narrowcasting? Perhaps. What happens when our favourite soaps are delivered via broadband+ connections, when wireless connectivity is normal and when screens get flat, cheap and ubiquitous?

Then I ask myself: what does this mean for Christian community and worship? Especially, it seems to me, when you're in cell churches .... ?


hooray! I'm not a geek. just addicted to the net.

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