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Andrew Hamilton

yes - I just downloaded an RSS reader and have commented much less since then! Its easier, but is it better?...

jen lemen

jonny and jen, you guys rock.
your willingness to sit with this issue and let the comments keep coming is so great!
we appreciate your honesty and your care...hopefully this will lead to something very real and good.

jen lemen

James Mills

Jen and Jonny,

Thanks for pulling all these various threads together. This has been a good discussion so far. I am glad Jen's post is generating so many commments because it is exposing me to some new ecclesial dreamers who are thinking some refreshing things. Keep up the good work.


you should be able to publish all or specific post comments as an rss feed via typepad. or include comments in your original RSS feed (don't do that), OR make a new feed that has the comments. can with MT i know, so TP should have the same functionality.

as for why jen's entry getting more comments than any other...um...maybe that's because it's better?


the retreat was great...kinda wish i had another week away to process all of this!
i agree that there need to be places for dialogue face to face, not just in the blogsphere!
i'd be happy to host a midwest, usa discussion...cincinnati anyone?
love to have the two of you come!
jen...hope you are coming to emergent with jonny!
and i have an order in for your new book ...but it hasn't arrived yet!
you guys are a great team! thanks for all you do!
i also pray that all the "talk" will lead us deeper with jesus, with each other, and
to new places of love, acceptance, and forgiveness...


Scott Holden

One of the things that I find encouraging and discouarging at the same time is the discussion itself. I have been tracking this as an observer for sometime now and have begun to way in, although not as articulate.

One of the issues that we face as evangelicals in the states ate least is that we have a limited view of language. We fail to see that how we describe is a moral issue. I say that I assume the text speaks of a mutual submission that places me in a very specific framework while someone who argues against will none the less have taken a moral position. What I hope is that we realize the scripture can be read either way. Our theological framework will determine teh rest. So we need to stop being apologetic and start being constructive. If someone disagrees with the position that is ok, on either side.
Our problem is our episitemology now the person who holds to foundationalism.


dave the rave has posted a very comprehensive list of the places this conversation is/has been going on, if ou're interested. don't have the link to hand, but can find it for you

'Headstone Frollo'

Will the Catholic Church (or lesser 'so-called' faiths) be able to persuade the film Industry to get rid of all sex-scenes on plays and films or... is Jesus Christ the Sexy of Sexiest?
Unless you have been completely rejected by women - after being pressurised by men (with no women present) to think about going after women, - the way women don't want you to, then...
you will never understan the 'plight' of the stalker, sex-offender and serial killer... let alone the child 'molester'.
can the True Church (with the backing of Mafioso) get rid of any pornography... or is the Virgin Mary far too sexy?

'Headstone Frollo'

Me again...
Look, I am sorry about my outbirst about the 'hypocrisy' of the Catholic or Christian Faith, but... I learnt, prematurely, all that anyone could learn about 'the facts of life' through people of the Faith... and rediculed because I didn't want to be quite so 'flesh-minded'.
I do know that - in spite of the poor 'reflecters' of the Faith - Jesus Christ is real, and is concerned with our spiritual welfare... and not how 'beautiful' we are on a worldy and earthly level.
I don't, in any way believe Jesus Christ to be in favour of any kind of pornography or pressurised sex-talk, but...
so far, I do get the impression that Islam (who also believes, to some extent, in Jesus Christ)... Islam does appear to be the only 'faith' that is dead set against any kind of a sex-scene ever being shown in public.
I am not a Muslim - as I rely on Totally Divine Grace and Mercy - but, I do get the impression that Islam alone seems to be the enemy of pornography.

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