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NOOOOO.... don't ignore if you don't know what Jonny is talking about! :)

Read it and learn... it's really easy if someone explains it right. RSS is great for your readers because then they can find out when you update your site without having to check 10 times a day!
I am on a huge pro RSS kick right now!

I find that I am way more likely to remember to check read site when i have and RSS feed than when I am left to remember all by myself. Sometimes i just forget to check on people. Not just that but it is sooo much easier to just use and aggreator to read check to see if people have posted. I hate having to click through my blogroll systematically checking each site for updates... what a pain!


ha! of course i agree with you but i was just trying to be nice :-)


LOL! :)

I'm becoming such an RSS nazi!! :)


RSS understanding has opened me up to a whole new world. It's incredible! Anyone that blogs should understand and add RSS to their blog site.


thanks - I've checked out the link and will endeavour to get RSS onto the blog at the weekend. (You are SO changing the life of this techno-dinosaur, Jonny Baker. You need to take responsibility for that! :) )

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