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jonny, I had a look - technically ok, theologically strange, what are all the cockroaches and spiders about in the 'deliver us from evil' bit? I had a look at the host site and some of their other stuff only to find that it's the World Wide Message Tribe and Andy Hawthorn's outfit. The first Flash presentation I clicked on was 'Journey into Reality' (http://www.life2themax.net/lifeflash.swf) which is positively dreadful - to climb back onto my soap box and risk seeming perpetually negative - this is another example of the great danger of style over content . . . I'm a geek, I love Flash, the WWW, CD's, DVD's, my Pocket PC, the iPod et al but we have a responsibility to think carefully about the theology of what we're Flashing around otherwise we're not emerging but possibly submerging . . . . by way of a more positive contribution check out Ekklesia (if you don't already know it) on http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/


ps. then I checked out the presentation on Creation http://www.life2themax.net/creation.swf and had to go for a lie down . . . . .


i did look at the site - i think it's actually a crusaders site (mmmm - unfortunate name for an organisation!!!). i agree with you about some of the stuff on there but the lord's prayer isn't so bad!! i wasn't convinced by the deliver us from evil but there's room for artisitic license and all that. after all they had something like cockroaches on the massive attack album cover....


i'm glad God is bigger than all our theology and critical thinking.......

i think it's great


So Tim, how big is God then? Bigger than an elephant? And what if God was really small - small as an ant? Does the fact that God is big really mean we don't have to think about stuff?


i was just saying that your post sounded really critical of something someone has spent a lot of time doing and put their heart into. in my experience church has always looked for the problems,(especially emerging church if i'm honest), we're not very good at encouraging. i don't mean we all need to be feel good fuzzy feelings and lovey dovey throw my brain out the window but at the same time we can't think God in to a little box either. Some of my most irreverent heresies have shown me Gods truth in a way i'd never understand.


I hear what you're saying Tim and jonny's blog may not be the place to prolong this topic so I might blog something of my own on this topic and see if a discussion arises from that - you're welcome to check out my blog over the next couple of days and comment if you wish . . . .

Woody Page

Overall good. A little slow and redundant. Nice start for Matthew 6: and Luke 11:

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