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got to agree with you there Jonny - we get loads of visitors from people searching from google. we had one last night from Iran who was searching for 'mt sinai muslim mosque', very random.

Darren Rowse

agreed Jonny...

I get too distracted/fixated sometimes



I'm with ya... I think I tend to attract more Christian readers then not, but when I talk about culture stuff, particularly ads that have struck me, I tend to get loads of hits off google as a result.

Andrew Careaga

It's a debate worth having, but one that seems to recur. I wrote about this two years ago in The Church-Internet (dis)connection.


Jonny I have met lots of 'non Christians' who have never heard of 'a blog' - so maybe it is just that Christians have got too technical???!!!


moya trust me there are lots of people who have never heard of blogs - christian or not... but hey it's nice that so many christians are on thr front end of the curve (as christians have often been actually - see tallskinnykiwi recent post for a good spiel on it) or are we just sad losers?! :-)


I get a few non-Christian readers on my blog, but mostly it's because I've met them while playing in a pub somewhere. My blog is meant primarily for Christians, but I welcome any visitors. Most of my "connecting" with non-Christians comes from playing in pubs -- more of an 'analog' thing...

Steve Dustcircle

Is a church considered POMO if it loses the litergy? This was a question I was asked. Kinda caught me off-guard.

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