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very funny :-)


jonny, you're such a mac snob :)

but as much as i also detest microsoft junk, i also have to dispell the mac myth. i've been doing some consultancy work on a brand new g4. it looks the proverbial dog's. it has oh-so gorgeous icons that fade in and out of the desktop. it's so cool it doesn't even have a floppy drive. it's built of stainless steel for chuff's sake!

but can i get it to do anything without crashing every 5 minutes...?


are you evangelising me on the merits of PCs?....
i'm afraid i've already been converted (to mac that is!).
surprised to hear about your crashes though - is that on OS X ?


umm crashing every 5 minutes - what are you doing to the poor computer? trying to install windows or something??? I have a powerbook that has not crashed once in 8 months of daily use.... but then again I am biased towards the beautiful aluminium creation.


it's got some operating system called 'panther'...? i think that's os x.

i'm glad to be back on my pc. at least this only crashes every 6 minutes...

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