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Ross Kendall

I work at LICC, so the chances of me being there were perhaps greater than for most people, especially since I was doing the sound and recording.

Anyway, lots of people turned up (at least 60), which suprised me a little. With a lecture description of 'Identity, information and ethics in a surveillance society' I thought it might not appeal to a general audience.

The evening was centered on the proposed ID card bill for the UK, which it was argued was neither about identity, nor in fact a card, but more importantly was about monitoring and managing people, and a sophisticated and integrated national database.

It was suggested that as Christians we can be involved (without being paraniod) in influencing the outcome of such bills. Key points for me were, increasing awareness of the real issues so they can be debated, (talking with friends, writing to MPs etc.) and pushing for stronger controls and safe-guards (data-protection, privacy, etc.) that will help prevent abuse of such a system.

Dr Lyons was a very engaging and accessible speaker, I was glad of the chance to hear him. I was especially impressed by by his careful and balanced use of the Bible to relate Christian principles to a contemporary cultural and social issue.

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