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thanks for a good evening...



is there any way we can download this somewhere?
Is there a video out of what Andrew did that can be played over media player or real player?
Or maybe and MP3 so we can just listen to it for people that are over seas and unable to come in person?

rob lewin

Jones is wearing a blazer?



none of it was recorded. check andrew's blog for info/posts etc...


Would you allow me a little critique of Postmodernism? For a devastating analysis and critique of Pomo read ‘The Death of Truth’, Dennis McCallum, Bethany House Publishers. 1996

Pomo is a bankrupt, latently Fascist (yet borrowing from dialectical Marxist theory), logically incoherent, hypocritical meta-narrative.

It claims there is no Truth while arrogantly posturing as the Truth
It uses reasoned argument to say reason and words are insufficient to communicate
It over-exaggerates the impact of culture on thought whilst claiming an immaculate conception (it itself claims to be immune to its own critique, cf Marxism)
It is the product of cynical, sceptical academics brought up in a secular humanist tradition
It claims there is no universal Moral Law yet responds with (justifiable) righteous indignation to Auschwitz, Ethnic cleansing, African female clitorectomy, Papuan head-hunting, Racism….
Yet at the same time it inconsistently says one culture mustn’t even begin to judge another
It demands tolerance yet is intolerant of rival metanarrative claims ie orthodox Christian
It shouts ‘conspiracy theory’ every time any minority is hard done by (except orthodox christian minorities)
It caricatures modernism reductionistically and sets up a straw man to knock down
It is essentially eastern mystical in its theology when theological yet dresses itself up as impartial (cf. TM and Hinduism).
If not checked it will replace Hitler’s social determinism ‘Volkism’ nightmare (no individuality or personhood, no freedom, all subsumed under the interests of the Volk ie the powerful elite) with something equally totalitarian and pernicious.

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