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Blogger didnt traditionally have a feed. I believe thats one of their newer additions to the new setup. Traditionally people had to go externally to get their blogger blog a feed, most of them went ahead and used xml or rss.

Blogger's now decided to add a feed to their system and to focus on the atom feed for some reason. there is a better explanation on their site, but that's the brief rundown...


Getting the blogger atom feed is quite easy. You just got to check the right boxes in the settings section - the only problem is that its text only, no pictures.

Thanks for pointing the reader out, I've wanted an atom one for a while.


I just read the article on forceful Kingdom. This scripture has always interested and very few could ever explain it to my "peace of mind" about it. Your article is very close to what gave me peace on it. I had a pastor that read the scripture using the Aramaic language and they said something like "up untill John the Baptist, the kingdom was forced upon the people and they had to accept it by force...." I may have it wrong since I didn't write it down... anyway, After John, It was an altogether different message. No longer did he want sacrifice...He wanted a Body... and being that body is the praise and the worship he wants. Flesh and Blood can never see the Kingdom, so forget this fleshly bod we have and strive for the inward being that is the VERY being of our Creator and Father.

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