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Jonny: true. Also made me think of the Japanese soldiers on remote pacific islands that were found in the 1950's and still ready to fight. Great metaphor for the church - fighting battles that aren't even going on any more. Interesting that you highlighted the Hmong, because as Hmong refugees are coming to the US they are helping to cause a real revival of social justice in several churches in the American Midwest.


great post. some of us are still fighting battles that were settled hundred of years ago...


how sad to live in such a deluded state for so long, the analogy to the church makes me wonder though if most caught in the time warp wouldn't prefer it that way?? (at least here in the us)


Who is stuck 30 years out of date?....

Jonny is the answer to your question, Pastors?



i'm not pointing the finger or not intending too to much. i just found it a powerful metaphor from which i couldn't help thinking about church or at least some aspects or parts of the church... i think the picture of fighting battles that don't need to be fought does resonate. an example would be say the way evangelicals tend to still see liberalism as an enemy and vice versa. that debate is just not answering the questions people are asking now. it belonged to another era etc etc


my first response to the question was: well, there are so many ways in which i am 30 years out-of-date. shoot -- "30 years out-of-date" doesn't have to be literal. it's a great metaphor for much of what drives my personal spiritual quest.

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