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tee hee - I saw it first... ;)

Jordan Bateman

The site looks great, and I can alreayd see little pieces of real potential there. We've been looking for somewhere to specifically discuss mission (we Canadians love to look to the UK for help on stuff like this), and how to empower 'kids' to do it their way.

So... I signed us up and am looking forward to the discussion.

Keep up the great work, Jonny.


It was great to meet you at resource on Saturday Jonny, the Blah site looks excellent and a great resource for discussing new mission.

I just wondered why you qualify it as not an "emerging church" site. For me, one of the key things about the emerging church is that it is mission focussed; the new forms of church that arise are set up, in part, as a response to mission challenges (or as we go). If that is so will the Blah site not be a key platform for emerging church discussion.


ben hi! good meeting you too...

of course mission hopefully will shape th emerging church so it's not that that can't be talked about on the site. but my pont was more that emergingchurch.info is a place for gathering stories and reflecting on that which is different to this site. this is more about fueling mission in a range of areas. people who have experienced mission with us this summer say by travelling to thailand can share photos, blogs etc, maybe we can adda feature on cross cultural mission, they can chat about what to do when they are back etc... i guess i was just trying to point out that the sites have different emphases even if they overlap in the mission bit. hope this makes sense



yeah, that makes a lot of sense, thanks

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