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Steve K.

Klein's criticism of Bush's cowtowing to corporate interests woefully underestimates the ability of all politicians -- regardless of party affiliation -- to cowtow to special interests. John Kerry will cowtow to the corporations that put him into office (if that even happens). All politicians are the same. I don't trust any of 'em farther than I can throw them.

And there are plenty of soundbytes out there to make Kerry look "stupid" too. So what does that prove? And this nonsense that Kerry's leadership will make the world stop hating America is just that -- nonsense. A lot more has to change before that becomes a reality.

Gosh, typing this I'm beginning to realize that maybe I do care about this election ...

jon birch

i agree with steve... i would add that this article, though interesting, seriously underestimates the rest of the worlds new found hatred of all that is america... bush is just a figurehead for 'dumb' america is one view and america hates us and wants to keep us oppressed is i'm sure another.
the world is run by people you can't trust operating on behalf of the unelected corporate elite. bugger!

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