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I feel a failure. I only have pierced ears - no tattoo. My attempts at blogging are inconsistent. And my PDA and home PC are windows based. Perhaps I am in purgatory ;-)


I have a tat & a blog... still got voted down on the deaconship thingy... oh, wait... I'm in a modern church...D'oh!

Darren Wright

what if we are carrying around a pc laptop?


don't even go there.....


This is very funny... I laughed... and then I cried...

I resigned from my job this week. I've worked for a bloody long time for a progressive, imaginative denomination, in a variety of regional, consultancy positions, covering the very best parts of the church's life (youth ministry, children's ministry, lay education, worship, etc.). I have been so lucky to do what I do.

I've realised over the last couple of months that I won't ever change the church, and that perhaps it's arrogant to try, so I'm going - not because I'm pissed off, or disillusioned, but just because it's time to find a place that gives voice to my spirituality.

I live in fear that the "emerging church", whatever that is, will be another place where I'll feel inadequate, where I'll never quite feel that I have what it takes...

Though I do have a mac... and we are on wireless broadband... perhaps there's hope...



cheryl all the best with the next stage of your journey. i hope and pray that it's a good one. there are always fears in journeys and in things like emerging church because we (humans) are involved and can mess it up! but we have to take the risk....

thanks for the invite to join the youth multi media discussion by the way - i've enjoyed it so far! did you ever get that prize? hope it was good :-)


Thanks... love a new beginning... very exciting...

Though I have to stay around for six months to tie up the old new beginning.

Craig hasn't come through with a prize yet ... emailing him right now...


dont worry about that prize, as ive said before it'll only be a shocking prize...

craig is a hoarder, like me but worse :) i didnt keep my best of miss piggy lp...

and cheryl, i'll email you on the side later but if you're ever in the area you have my details, theres a spare bed and currently no wireless network... currently but its on the plans for before december...




Now that's funny. When will we outgrow our maniacal need to be cool in the emerging church? When will the church get over the "no penis, no pulpit" rule? "How long, O Lord....!"

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