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I didn't notice the guy/girl thing! - but you are totally right. I wonder why this is. There were more women. Was it because Tess organised it? If it was something Pete had organised would more blokes have turned up - the old butch competitive thing? Was it because of the title - the emphasis was on the arts and not on the structure of church? Are there more women who consider themselves artists? I don't know the ratio split. In art the famous artists are mostly men but it seems more a female past time -/spare time activity - well painting is anyway. What Mark was talking about - participation - would certainly seem v attractive to most women I think cos it is more equal and non competitive as opposed to top down structures that either we can't be bothered to tackle cos we don't get our sense of self worth out of them or we can't be bothered to fight with the men for the positions - we are not interested in the fight - we are only interested in getting the work done. Maybe the participation model is attractive to women because it is to do with togetherness and working together much more - but blokes like that too (but perhaps not as murch? - I don't know - I'm not a bloke) so - I don't know. MAGGI DAWN YOU MUST HAVE SOME IDEAS ABOUT THIS??? Help me out girlfriend!...and what happened to our conference idea? - women, emerging church, roundtable...


pete did organise it so it's not that. i think it's two things -
1. things with arts and spirituality in the title somehow attract more women than men - that is just a hunch, no hard evidence.
2. ark T is an arts and spirituality centre - maybe the networks of people linked with it reflected who came? and maybe there are more women in the network?
i don't think it's the participation thing because no one knew in advance that mark would emphasise that so much....
i don't think the gender mix was a problem - it was just interesting that it attracted quite a different crowd....

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