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because we're absolute u2 fans!!!

and, many people probably won't actually use it, it'll remain in package for memories instead of being used.

what dont you like about it?

the consumerist nature of it bastardising the lovely ideal of apple?
the design which is not as cool as the plain white?


well I quite like it. the black and red is very u2. not that keen on the signatures though. but if anyone fancies getting me one for christmas (jonny?) I wouldn't say no :-)


I do agree with you in terms of the looks of it, though I myself like the autographs. However, the big plus for me (though I won't be purchasing this) would be the inclusion of the complete U2 catalog!

Benjy (groovythpstr)

I think its gorgeous!

jon birch

really ugly... really really ugly. looks like a colour scheme a pc designer would come up with. apple should be ashamed of themselves. shocking!

Tom Allen

Not having fallen for the iPod con in the first place I haven't a clue what it is - will enlightenment follow?


I take it "naff" is not a good thing...

Mike Rose

I agree. It's truly horrible.
Another reason to dislike U2 though which is always handy when discussing the flag waving popsters


iPod cartoon I saw yesterday


For what it's worth, I like the black unit, am not grabbed by the red wheel - black would have been better - with a silver fern :) - and quite like the idea of it coming bundled with music (not necessarily U2, though that would be one of my picks).

The signatures hark back to similar ones found inside the first Mac (128-Plus/SE?) cases - crack open an old one and have a look.


Will the battery be any less of a rip off than the nice white one I bought for my son only to find out that three days after the warranty runs out the battery will die and cost almost as much again to replace it? I'm thinking of getting a creative alternative - much to the annoyance of the apple purists - including my daughter - but you know guys, PC's can do as good a job at anything macs can - but the macs are pretty, I'll grant you that - I quite like the idea of black but the commercialism of packaging it with U2 autographs and tracks shows that apple have finally become just as bad as their nemesis Mr Gates - profit motivates production . . .

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