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it all depends on what you want to do. If you are looking for a good game box with solitaire and hearts, go with dell. If you want a machine that can run 3rd world countries and seamlessly connect with any coffee shop network, go with a Mac. And with Office 04, you can do anything that dell can do, but 20 times faster and a whole lot cooler.

apples…the only computer with a soul.


I've also noticed that the emerging church scene seems to be apparently oriented in favour of Mac users, which is a bit scary, given the one-eyeness of many Mac users. I like Macs a lot, [but] they are a bit more of a pre-packaged system (funny how the term `Mac' comes in). Are there people in the emerging church scene who use/promote open source software? I'd like to use a Mac more but it would mean running virtual PC on it so I can run Windows specific applications. I'm tempted to get a Powerbook but will definitely retain my Thinkpad for half my work.

paul benger

What's the fuss...
PC's have advanced so much that they
can do everything a mac can.
I've got both and I have found the mac
the most tempormental.


Get a Mac. I only have a PC cos I need to run Quicken and MS Money and my iMac G3 is too slow to run Virtual PC. If you get a new Mac, that won't be a problem.

Ask yourself this question:
How much of your time would you like to spend downloading Windows updates, virus patched etc etc, as opposed to just *getting stuff done*?


I have used Mac since it first came out. The most recent operating system has gotten good reviews but I routinely crash 3 or 4 times a day, particulary when dealing with graphic sites, music files, anything a bit taxing. Unlike Windows, the Mac offers few tools for tweaking anymore. I would not recommend the current Mac to anyone. Not that Windows is too much fun either. Sorry not to sound cheerier. Used to be a great system. Jeff


I would suggest you also consider Linux. Here's why:
a) It has taken over from Mac as the second to Windows - why go for 3rd?
b) It's possible to run a machine that 'dual boots' into Windows when you need to run M$ software or Linux when you want to do real stuff.
c) The choice is phenomenal (e.g. Debian Linux has over 15000 software packages available at the click of a button. Everything from video editors to window managers and all free of course)
d) The support from the Linux community is superb.
e,f,g,h,i...z) It's free as in freedom (as well as free beer) and open. I can't tell you how refreshing the whole scene is. We all work together for the good of all - sounds too good to be true I know but it really feels like that.

So that would be a vote for Dell then :-)


There is another option, beyond Dell and Mac. An IBM ThinkPad is an incredibly stable, functional, and compact machine. It'll cost a little more than a Dell, but less than a Mac.

Unless of course, you are trying to become emergent. Then the rules state that you have to buy a Mac. Sorry Man, it's just the rules ;-)

Eli (owner of a Dell desktop, Dell notebook, IBM desktop, IBM thinkpad, and two Compaq Armada notebooks - and no Macs)


I am thinking of buying a MAC because I am tired of buying everything to do on a PC. I am also sick of the virus problems with my PC. Then there is the slow factor. Also, not all programs work well on my PC. I need more graphics, better DVD possibilities like copy and editing. Are these good reasons to go to a MAC?


they sound like very good reasons to go mac...


I think the MAC.I know for a fact that as of now, you are a whole lot safer virus wise. It is also more sylish :) Everything on it looks so much more crisp clean ;)


I think the MAC.I know for a fact that as of now, you are a whole lot safer virus wise. It is also more sylish :) Everything on it looks so much more crisp clean ;)


yeh im gettin a mac but all my friends from skool say dell is betta but nvm if parents r payin 1/3 might aswell get the most expensive =D


mummy and daddy are buying me a maccy wac..

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MAC Vs Dell many people are confused between these two high popular selling brands. I would like to share my knowledge over here that Apple is know for its style,features and specially for it's own Operating System but before buying people think about how are they gonna use Apple's OS because it takes time to learn and it's difficult and against of that Dell also comes with Stylish designs and features mainly with high specifications but it provides you the user-friendly Operating system which is easy and does not take time. So I think you should go for Dell which is better than MAC

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I am supposed to purchase a dynamic computer for my office; that should be cheaper too, what brand i should go with?


So my Dell literally just died. My warranty just expired so I'm for sure SOL. I've had that dell for two years and I had to get ti fixed 3 times. I've had my Mac Book Pro for 2 years and I never had 1 problem with me. I obviously love my mac.

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The selection is totally depends on the intensity of your work. According to me Mac best usage is in special purposes and Dell in general purpose so no need to argue any more on this.

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