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i agree wholeheartedly jonny. my swingstate vote will be against the current president for these very reasons. of all people the church should understand the global implications of another 4 years of gwb, instead they are so blind to the possibility of power they just can't even imagine he doesn't have their best interests at heart.

Steve K.

I agree that the president of the United States has incredible power in the course of human events, and my vote is certainly cast with a global perspective. But I'm sorry, I have no confidence that a Kerry presidency would be any "better" for the world than Bush. Put Kerry in the same situation Bush was in on 9/11 and Kerry would've been forced to take the same action Bush took -- go after Al Qaeda, remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan. The only difference? No Iraq war. Would the world be that much "less" pissed off at Kerry? I doubt it. Instead they'd be bitching and complaining about Afghanistan right now. The world hates America for a lot of reasons, and putting Kerry into the White House wouldn't change a damn thing.


Just thought you might be interested in a short series of postings I have made on this though it'll be too late to be more of academic interest -particularly on the first link:

With apologies for 'sapmming' you with links but given the above I thinkm that there may be some good crossover and a couple of chuckles.


i would like for all of you to read the following and comment: The Liberal Case for Bush

I would also ask all of you to pray for the outcome of this election and, whatever the outcome is that you will graciously accept it and realize that it is God who makes all things good, that He can make wonderful things come from even the most chaotic of situations, and that He works in ways that we may not understand and may be working to accomplish great things in people you might not expect.
Brian McLaren wrote speaking as an American about his president some guidelines that i believe would be appropriate for viewing leaders of other lands, especially when they are children of God (though sometimes misguided, like all the rest of us), ". . . we should not harshly criticize our country and our president. Part of this is simply a matter of “doing unto others.” As a pastor, I am routinely criticized by people who are certain they know more than I do. Meanwhile, I am often privy to dozens of facts and confidences of which they are unaware, and if they knew and saw what I do, they wouldn’t be so critical. I simply must endure their criticism (some of which is harsh and mean-spirited). Their criticism doesn’t make my job any easier, nor does it increase the likelihood that I’ll do better in the future – rather, the reverse. So harsh criticism is not good for anyone. That’s why I believe that harsh criticism of our leaders can be ultimately counterproductive, even if our leaders are deeply and dangerously wrong. So, I am against criticizing our president with harshness, insult, or arrogance. However, that cannot mean we aren’t allowed to raise questions, express concerns, or even voice strong disagreement – as long as we do so respectfully and with appropriate humility, understanding, and charity." http://www.anewkindofchristian.com/archives/000157.html

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