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We usually say that we can't wait to be with Jesus. But his desire to be with us is actually much stronger! Look at what he did to save us!



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What was the good news that Jesus preached before he was killed?


...that we might know fullness of life? through Jesus who came to make that possible.

That we might know what we are for and why.

That we might live fully in the present in relationships that are just, harmonious, and enjoyable, and that allow everyone to contribute.

And that we might live fully for all time.

(with a little help from Bryant, L. Myers)


i agree with Jonny, Creation is Gods mission.
he wants to create good things. Good things create good things and so on.....
We've totally lost the meaning of the word
God speaks, looks at what he made and said it's good, not perfect.
perfection is a static state.
Goodness is progressive and fruitful.


that the kingdom of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and his Messiah - in other words, wot jonny said...


This is very true - but I have long thought (which doesn't make it right, in fact, likely makes it wrong...but it's the best I got!) that God's mission/purpose was to glorify Himself.

He does that through creation and restoration and redemption.

Just a thought that maybe goes to the next step...like "why redeem creation?"

Van S

Amen. I love the phrase that some have tossed out that the church is to engage in "the 8th day of creation." The missio Dei is not only about fixing what went wrong, but also about bringing all of creation to its consumation. I for one believe that what we end up with will be much better than what we started with.


My thoughts on the subject… I believe from both my Jewish & Christian heritage that God's mission is the recovery of shalom (wholeness) in his creation. Part of this, undoubtedly is individual salvation, but God's Redemptive activity goes beyond. He is in the process of making "all things new."

For more thoughts see my Blog www.tribem.blogspot.com


this is so liberating. it affirms those who (myself included) feel that participating in God's mission is about so much more than notching up converstions. Participating in God's redemptive activity can equally be about provinding opportunities for the disadvantaged,caring for the poor and marginalised - in other words Justice. This way of thinking has far reaching implications for youth ministry drawing together the two very often seperate streams of practice - explicit evangelism and social work.


What is the Gospel?



Jon M.

the mission may be justice. it's a theme of the hebrew scriptures and a theme for jesus. its also a theme for paul. i think justice incorporates redemption of creation. so it could be like human justice. environmental justice. creative justice. etc.


the mission of God is to bring glory to his name (that INCLUDES the redemption of creation)

jon birch

Gods mission... the redemption of creation... it's good... it's a bigger box for God than most christians stick him in... but it is still a box! Gods mission surely extends well beyond the redemption of creation!
what will Gods mission be in a redeemed creation? what was Gods mission in the first place? hmmm


hey birchy - i'll have less of you accusing me of putting god in a box ;-) - fantastic point though....

jon birch

cheers bakerboy... glad you approve! it was a good point wasn't it !
jx :-)


Great conversation. Hope I'm not too late getting in on it. I think the question does still remain: Is the redemption of creation the ultimate end, or a means to an end? Throughout the OT prophets, (Isaiah in particular) God says to Israel, "It's not for your sake that I do [whatever it is He's doing] but for my own sake. For the sake of my glory, renown, praise, etc." Um, loosely translated, anyway. :) (Isa. 43.6-7,25; 48.9-11; 55.10-13; 63.14; 60.15-21)

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