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Really pleased you're not giving up - the first series of tricks have been a brilliant resource for those like me who are trying to get a group to explore alt worship.

While giving each event our own flavour, the limits on our time, money and creaivity mean that drawing on this stuff too has been such a gift -imagine if the average Sunday morning congregation had to write all their own songs, liturgy etc from scratch for each service!.. (actually that sound quite appealing)... still THANKS and keep going till series 99. You are an amazing 'resource investigator' in Belbin's team player model.

P.S. Glad you're going to keep the term 'tricks'.


More power to you Jonny... as for the name 'Tricks' I urge you to stick with it... what I've liked about that name is the notion that without some recourse to your own context and planning with your own group and own mision in mind then thats exactly what they are... tricks... well planned and chosen because they speak to a particular time, place and group they become much more!!

ben bell

'light, cheeky, understated' and quite frankly often a bit tricky!
Looking forward to the newly branded series 2

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