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gordon lynch has written some interesting stuff - it would be interesting to hear him at a blah?


Seems to me that there is an interesting 2 tier thing going on @ the moment with the whole emerging - pomo spirituality thing.
There are postings like this which show that there alot of "professionals" getting excited about this stuff and trying to figure out how to package it, present it to the masses (partly I think, having read a couple of Gordon Lynches books and a reasonable amount of blog postings from other "professionals", because of their own experiences).
Then there are those who are exploring it from the mainly personal end (although I admit part of it also ties into to my role as a Sociology teacher) and are working our way through, almost finding books and websites by accident, like the links you put on today. Apart from Greenbelt not sure how the two ends hook up really,(particularly for those of us who don't live in large urban centres but todays posting did show that rather than just being the fluid networks there is a clear "professional" / "bloke on the street" issue that needs to be addressed

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