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Got a link to the Abbotsford site?


Roddy Hamilton

I'm kind of gob smacked anyone has found Mucky Paws (I put it together each month from the liturgy we use in Abbotsford Church in Clydebank). This is just to say, arrogantly, if anyone wants stuff like this posted to them each month, just email me. We send it out to whoever may be interested regularly.


roddy thanks for leaving a comment... hope you are ok with me postinbg a couple of pieces. i really like your stuff and thanks for making it available... cheers


I find liturgy hard. It's like trying to insert someone else's words into my mouth, and it sometimes seems dishonest.


i have a question concerning the usage of liturgy and when to incorporate it. i was wondering what would be a typical(or as close to typical as possible) assembly time for some of you out there. maybe offer a scedule of a sample assembly/worship gathering for some of you. there may be those other than me who could benefit by this sharing of ideas, so please do.
in all humbleness, thanks.


carl do you sing songs? do you read books? do you watch films? what's the difference?! unless you are going to produce everything yourself (and end up either exhausted or with mediocre stuff) using liturgy/songs/prayers crafted by those with the gift of artistry seems pretty good news to me. i'm only putting these out there - there's no obligation to use anything....

ray i do that a lot via this blog - check back through the worship tricks to see some examples of liturgy.


I know. Gosh, no need to take it so personally. I didn't say "You heathen. Stop putting up liturgy", I merely commented that I don't often find it particularly helpful.

I do sing songs and often have the same problem with them. I don't think books or films fall into the same category.

I'll be going, now.


carl sorry - i hadn't taken it personally - maybe you read more into my reply than was there?... cheers

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