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Well at least we are certain of having enough points not to go down! (here speaks a Chelsea fan born of an era when 40 points was an achievement!!)


unbelievable - I don't think so - the chelsea equation states:

Money talks
Abramovitch = money
money buys talent
talent gets success/wins championships.

It could be much, much worse it could be Arsenal or Man U.

I lived near upon park for 6 years so - come on the 'ammers
and now
Carmarthen Town are doing well in the Welsh league - thanks for asking !

Doug pagitt

I do not understand a single word of this post. there are some things that just don't translate over the ocean.


And, hey, we're still top of the championship - a team committed to producing good young players, year in year out... (and then Newcastle buy them). Sorry, can't get excited about expensively assembled corporate teams. But, like Rhys, agree - would rather Chelsea than that other London team - Man Utd.


Baker you a joker - get back to your roots and start following Cheltenham Town


I applaud your teams performance - but have a thought for the Gills near the bottom of the championship - a few loand players from a rich premier sid would not go unwelcome!


Football's a funny old game - stirs up all kinds of repressed feelings - as a true Mancunian born Manchester United supporter I have had to get used to the snide remarks about us being a southern team or 'at least it's not Man U' - I'd just like to say that I supported them from the Stretford end through a period of little success trophy wise (25yrs in fact), and yet still they filled the ground. The success they achieved in the 90's was famously done so with a bunch of more or less home grown kids (remember Hanson's famous, "You'll never win anything with kids" ?) Sure we've made some signings and spent a bit of money over the years, but look closely at the team and the ratio of foreign/british players and you'll find that it is well balanced, unlike Arsenal or Chelsea. I think Chelsea are amazing and I sort of like Mourinho for his flare and honesty, they can only lose the championship now - so, all eyes on Europe and the big one - and not to worry you chaps, but United are known for slow starts and then we pick up speed – which, if you've been watching, you may have noticed how fast things are moving just now . . . come on you reds!


dodgy penalty though - but i don't think my boys are ever gonna beat you.


I agree with Doug P.
What the heck are you talking about??
Forgive me, I come from a country where football is played in pads and a helmet.

John Davies

Well done Chelsea, though their current run is no surprise, it's built on obscene fortunes and solid defence (eight conceded, that's truly amazing); just as Arsenal's success is built on obscene fortunes and counter-attacking flair, and United's on obscene fortunes and cheating. Carroll v. Spurs the latest proof of that. (I say this to bait Hadge whose litany - above - peppers the world wide web and gets less convincing each time you read it. "You'll need kids to win things" is now so much part of the Utd ethos, that now their celebrated 'kids' are all getting old, they'll buy up everyone else's best kids to ensure that keeps happening...) We're not bitter, by the way, we're skint, fourth, and extremely happy.


thanks for all the comments -
i'm just enjoying it while we're winning! have ordered my tiockets for chelsea barcelona second leg which should be fun.
john respect to everton for being the surprise team of the season...
matt you will beat us one day...
rob i have a soft spot for the gills - my first ever football match i saw was gillingham peterborough...
yes chelsea's riches are embarrassing and weird...
doug and JR - if your country will play sports that the rest of the world doesn't what do you expect!? ;-)

Saint Gaz

I come from the land of aerial ping pong aka the greatest sport in the world aka Australian Rules Football, but still love my soccer.
Though I'm a Liverpool man and we just suck badly right now.
It must be a dream- losing to Burnley and Everton are above us in the League.

John Davies

It's a dream all right - for us Evertonians. You forgot to mention Southampton. (sorry Jonny I'll stop it now)

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