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I had to pull together a short presentation today and found myself drawing again from Nouwen's "In The Name of Jesus," most especially the first chapter which calls us from relevance to prayer. I think Nowen's prescriptions in the book function in a complimentary way to Bob's descriptor of "redemptionitis." Nouwen calls this "the temptation to be relevant," but it really the same thing.


Wow - this describes exactly how I have been feeling about role here at the church. I'm bring this to our local youth workers meeting next week. This meeting is supposed to be a time for us to get together, talk about what we're doing, get ideas, get support. What we end up doing is planning more things for us to do. Ugh!

Thanks Jonny for all that you do. I'm in a small college town (12,000 or so)in Northern Minnesota. A few of us have gotten together and have started an alternative gathering and I use your worship tricks all the time. Thanks!

karen ward

jonny, if nathan frambach is there at the conference from usa (wartburg, seminary, iowa). go buy him a beer for me! remember that place we went to with mark pierson?
he might like that!

nate is my lutheran partner in crime with emergent things stateside. i think he is there.


what Bob talked about today can never be said enough within youth ministry, adult ministry, western society. in my view it is the one big hole in our culture that as christians we fall into time and time again and don't challenge it.

I'm going to stop there before i go into a big rant


Johnny, what you've written is great. Is there anywhere that I could get the full transcript of Bob Mayo's talk?


what do you do though when you're self-employed and the amount of money you bring in at the end of the month is directly dependent on the hours of work you do? I would love to be more idle but I know that if I work any less it will produce more financial stress. People who have a salary have a lot more freedom to be idle within the constraints of their work! I've been asked to do several pieces of work by Christian organisations recently for nothing. The assumption of the people asking is that someone else is paying me through a salary for the time I'll spend on their projects. It makes me look tight for saying no, and means I miss out on some interesting work. Other Christian organisations pay peanuts for the work they expect. So, what's the answer? should I trust God more? spend less? go and live somewhere where houses are much cheaper like Wales?!


The issue of busyness can be stressful when you sometimes feel under-employed, as I am sometimes (I work freelance). I can pay the bills fine, but downtime is not often time for relaxing and being still - I end up feeling that I should be doing more to `pull my weight'. So maybe I need to do more volunteer stuff to fill the gaps and clear my conscience a little...
So I am left with this `mental busyness' which means it can be really hard to properly shut down at all, even if I have a day with little planned in the way of official work.
The prospect of a full-time job can be seductive but I am a lone traveller who enjoys the interesting projects that do come along, and I like being in a position to take them up.

Matt Stone

Yes, isn't it funny how "attendence" and "business" seems to be the measure of fruitfulness these days. Funny enough, I think the measure of the apostle Paul was growing faith, hope and love

dave swain

Graham, I live and work in Wales and i still have to be really careful about the hours that i do!! Housing is still cheaper here (especially in the Vally's) but its still rising so make the move fast!!

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