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dave paisley

Just finished reading Ivy Beckwith's Postmodern Children's Ministry:


It rambles a bit here and there, but I think a point that can be made from the book is critical - to fully develop a transgenerational church that honors all ages you have to start with the little kids.

I think it's actually easier for adults to envision little kids' "full" participation in church as valid, but without the expectation that they are just mini-adults and should think and act like mini-adults. That distinction gets blurry if you're talking about teenagers.

But anyway, I guess my main point is that we shouldn't limit the conversation to just "youth".


Left it too late to come to the conference - unfortunately!
But think this is a key issue - so many churches I see seem to have a problem with "integration". But agree that its part of a bigger issue around church.

Philip Mounstephen

Hi Jonny

This is a hugely important issue raising critical questions both about the nature of the church and its mission.

For me the acid test is that if segregation on racial grounds is unacceptable, then why is the institutional unfriendliness of churches to people of extreme age (either young or old) apparently OK?

You might like to note the Grove booklet ' Body Beautiful?' that Kelly Martin and I wrote last year on exactly this subject.



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