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congrats :-) have fun and see you next week
p.s. have made a bid on a house :-|

dave paisley


Sadly, I'm almost ten ahead of you, which makes this year... well, you do the maths...

Couldn't have a nicer place to be, and it's been good to read your thoughts from CO.


Hey There! Found your blog on a recently updated list!

You're pictures are beautiful. I am from Littleton Colorado and am jealous that you were able to go at such a gorgeous time of year.

I'll be checking out your blog soon!

Paige Cassidy


Happy birthday old man!! Am catching up fast....


Hey man, Happy 40th! I did that this year, too. Not so bad, is it? Great photos. What do you shoot with?


only 10 months behind but at least - i'll never catch up with you:-


the UK press reckon Chelsea will win the League Cup- what's that all about then?

oh yes silly me money money money and again money and mourinio a distant factor together with the west ham boys


Happy Birthday and many congrats, another decade wiser! Cool

Mike King

Happy Birthday, my friend.


nice use of photoshop to airbrush the wringles out


Happy Birthday, Jonny. Ironically I turned 40 in London. Best to do it abroad, I guess.

tony jones

Happy Birthday, old man!

Jason Clark

happy birthday mate.


Rock on!


Happy birthday..i like your blog..


happy birthday jonny, and many blessings for the coming year.


hey you! happy birthday! and happy to jen to ...isn't her's comin up fast?
glad your trip is going well...hope the narrations turned out ok on creation : ) did you get to play god?
just know you still look 20! and you'll never be as old as billy graham...(hudson)
or as old as i am : )
thanks for all you've taught me ...and know that 40 is just the beginning of the adventure!
blessings! lil


Happy Birthday and congratulations - not far behind you but smugly satisfied that you are there before me!


Happy birthday, Version 4.0!


well done Jonny!



I live in Colorado Springs (an hour south of Denver). It would have been cool to hook up with you over coffee or something since you were so close, but we'll just have to stick to the blogging connection for now.
Hope the rockies were great...and hope you come back some time!



Happy Birthday Jon. The fun has just begun!


thanks everyone!... just back from the US


sorry i missed your 40th sounds like you had fun I spent mine up a mountain and it was awesome! luv to Jen


Didn't get to see your blog on your birthday... I wish the very best for this year and those that follow. I'm glad this crazy thing called the blogosphere allowed us to connect.

I'll be hitting 40 in a little over a month. Funny how it feels right to be 40.

God bless.


ps have yet to see sideways hope to see it soon, am thinking about that wine thing...

Paul Fromont

Jonny, a very happy 40th (belated). Welcome to the club. WOW, the rockies and turning 40 - what a great combination. Hope you had a fantastic day.

Stephen Said

Bloody hell, you hold your age well! Happy birthday mate. Sorry it took me so long to realise. btw - I have no respect for Chelsea. (Spurs fan, yes I know, say nothing, nod politley, walk on...)

Steve McCoy

Hey, enjoy your blog. Happy birthday, and in Colorado even better. Used to live in Denver. Cheers.

Lee Nicholson

Hey Jonny and Jenny,

Thanks for a great seminar in Colorado. It was fab. I missed England so much tho after talking to you and catching up on Eastenders.

Hope all is well and Happy Birthday.

Lee Nicholson

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