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paul T

Ahhh - bisto! at last my kind of story!
thanks Johnny!!!


Just found your blog and your worship trick. I think this is awesome and will be putting a link to this on my blog. Some of my fellow blog friends who are believers will really like this site and benefit from it.

On a side note, I think I will be spending the week before Christmas in London with my girlfriends family. We would love to have an emergent type church to attend while there and some suggestions on where to stay, eat, visit, etc.

Fight the Good Fight,

marcus curnow

Reminds me of our rewrite here in Oz of jesus meeting the Aboriginal woman at the spring.

Bill Kimberling

Hi Jason - I'm glad to hear that you are " missionizing " in so many areas of the world .
Since I have moved to a new area , I am pleased
to announce that my first visitor today & (I might Add interrupted my E-Mail to you ) was my
Church Pastor. A friend told our Pastor that I
had moved back to the area again. Our Pastor is always alert to get "old" folks back in the Lord's Church.
I really call our Pastor by his first name , Rod.
I kid Rod alot & remind him that he is a natural
leader , because Rod rhymes with God . He is a very faithful person. He is a Texan by birth &
education. He has an earned Doctorate in Psychology from TCU . He still has a real Texas
accent. He faces a universal problem - getting
more young people in the church. By the way ,what
are we going to call the generation you are in?
My daughter & son were part of the "Boomer generation " , I'm not sure about your generation. I hope that your generation recieves
a more positive sounding name like- crusaders ;
achievers ; etc. Any ideas?
By the way , I have been to London & I know your
girlfriend , she's my granddaughter . I can tell
you lots about her.
I'll E-Mail you later about things to see & hear
in London. It is a really a great city.
Have a great day.
Grandpa K.


This made me think of the sad story of a young man, " Lonnie Frisbee ", who encountered Jesus in the 70's, who became a fool for Jesus expanding the Kingdom, instrumental in the birthing of the Vineyard movement. Despite of how much he did for the Kingdom...it is like he was swept under the carpet and forgotten because of his sexuality. A very moving translation Jonny, thanks.




But I think the Muslim could feel offended. And conservatives would insist that "Many Gays and Lesbians Believe" should be "Many Muslims Believe" to be exegetically correct.

(Hey, can't please everyone; and these criticism only came after a few hours of musing some more about it)


Well, jonny, what about repentance? Now before you think that i am a fundamentalist-gay-basher (but heck, everyone's fine and deserved to be loved, even fundamentalist-gay-basher, no?), i just tot that your story, while making us all feel good, is really only part of it. Jesus' love both accepts and rejects. While our Jesus need not be the Holy Jesus floating in the air, apathetic to human's predicament, I believe he need not stoop to become the Rugged Jesus walking in the dust indifferent to human's sin.

I believe Jesus being the saviour of the world means saving us from our "inhumanness" against others, but that would mean restoring us first to God who by the way is holy (not white and sterile, but one who knows utterly well what certain things can be so horrible man and forbids totally that we should do them). The good news is not letting us know that we are fine and Jesus love us as we are. But we are terribly sick, and Jesus love us so much that he wants to make us well. Surely you know this.

One last point. Can the Samaritan woman really be replaced by a homosexual? Do you really think Jesus would have done the same given another person whose life story is categorically and essentially different from the woman? Yes, that's about Jesus rolling up his sleeves and getting into the mud with sinners, but do you think his APPROACH might be different, or even radically different, if he'd met a homosexual that day?

Just thinking out loud


p/s recently was engaged in a conversation on a transgender marriage in my country, which is the first public one. Someone pointed to this blog in the comments.


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