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James Stewart

I've heard of a few other bloggers being sent books they weren't expecting for review on their blogs. eg: http://www.englishrules.com/archives/2005/more-on-freakonomics.php

andy goodliff


what books you got to review? I've always got a spare minute to read!


would it be wrong to drop a line to Zondervan (or the author or his agent or etc.) saying you're interested in the book. Then sign it "Jonny Baker. Yes, THE Jonny baker."

Or just drop a note to Zondervan saying thank you for the books they sent, you'll read them. "And by the way, I'm also excited to read Steve Taylor's new book."


haha.. I got 'the vision and the vow' from the publisher. I've never had that happen before - but somehow I don't think that it's because of my blog. I did blog about it tho. lol...

the other darren

my copy's sitting on my desk, but alas none of my books are being sent to me by free by publishers...


I just read Steve Collins' book. It rocks.


All you have to do is ask....e-mail me the address you'd like it shipped to and I'll send one out tomorrow.


jay you're a star... blog as ever was just thinking aloud


Jonny, I have a pile of books at least that big, which are sent in the hopes of a blog review. SOme of the publishers were nice enough to e-mail or write beforehand and ask whether I'd be interested. Of course I love books, but I have also got a pile of books even bigger on the other side of the desk that I actually need to read for research purposes...

As far as Steve's book goes, you're welcome to borrow my copy when you come over next week. It does have some really good stuff in it, as you'd expect, and the presentation is interesting too.


glad dr. jay is coming thru for you!
hope you have a fun trip to canada eh.
i may not receive any new books, since i am soooo far behind in reading as it is! : )
safe travels!
btw..nashville won't be the same with out you and gareth.


lilly hi... make sure you look out for pete rollins and co from ikon in nashville - show them southern hospitality :-)


I'm an ass. I meant Steve TAYLOR'S book... what a tool I am.


yeah but steve collins would write a good one if he had time!


you were on the list I gave to the publisher. I've just emailed them, wondering if you got missed, or my list got lost, (or perhaps if got sent to someone younger and prettier ! --- to quote your recent post:)).



thanks - i'd be happy to buy it anyway... it was just that not knowing! but jay is sending me one anyway...
congrats and cheers


Yeah I'm happy to read and review any books if anybody wants to send me one!

Ali Campbell

Hey Jonny, I read maybe two books a week - anything you don't get round to (or don't want) let me know, love to take them off your hands. It would be wonderful though to have greater cross over - like, to be sent a copy of the next hard back by Douglas Coupland, that would be cool! Have you read Elanor Rigby? It said more about the inability of church to create meaningful community than half a dozen books I have recently read that I should probably not mention.


ali - i have got a double up on one book and some others you could take?... i assume this is ali from ealing? i'll get simon to pass them on to you next time he is round. i see you play golf - fancy a game some time?...
sadly i haven't got in the loop for coupland books. though i guess if you contact the publisher and present a case they'd send you one? you might have to blog more frequently though ;-)

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