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Brother Maynard

Actually, spammers do this sometimes so that their spam is assured to be on the top of the heap. For that reason and because I had people with incorrect dates on their computer sending me email that never made the top of my inbox at all, I started sorting by order received rather than by date.



It's also pretty inconsiderate. I'll organise my own email box, thankyouverymuchindeed.

If everyone did this it'd then be two months... three.... a war of 'who can set the highest inaccurate date'!

the other darren

a random thought that could cause mass distruction!

actually, if one uses mozilla and organises their emails by a) date and b) thread you get to track emails easier...

if you're as anal as I am then each email list/individual/group gets filtered into seperate folders on receiving the email...

if i dont respond to an email then its because I'm slack :P


ok ok it was just an idea! :-)


And when everyone does it there'll be riots in the street like when they changed from gregorian to julian calendar [or was that the other way round?] and people thought they had been robbed of 11 days.


The fact that you have time to even think about such things let alone blog about them Jonny means you have far too much time on your hands. Yeah i know - the fact that people (including me) are responding means we also have too much time on our hands, or maybe we're just as sad as you. Keep it going!

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