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Simon Fogg

We have used the Brick Testament stories in our monthly All Age Worship services a couple of times (just on a self-running series of 1 picture per ppt slide - very high-tech!). They have gone down well. Some of the Old Testament stories (e.g. Joshua at Jericho) are particularly blood-thirsty in the Lego series - this should further encourage your readers to give them a look.


nothing to do with lego, but i love the idea of one NT scholar (Raymond Brown?) that just in the moment of hearing a parable, reality turns inside out and the kingdom of heaven breaks through... just for that moment.

which i guess becomes enticement then to live the parable.

Darren Rowse

great tip - we've used the BT heaps and love it - but a video like that is a great idea. thanks for the idea.


we looked to blog this site but felt that certain stories, see the law section, went a little too far...am i being too holy or what...your comments would be appreicated...i do love the concept of lego and most of the stories work really really well, but as a whole site it just didn't sit right with us.


Lion Kimbro

Yeah, Deuteronomy is just totally crazy. We should just strike that book from the perfect Word of God.

It's giving us serious grief with the non-believers.

We usually just skip that section; It's not one of the "good parts" of the Bible. We only dip into that bad part when we're justifying a war or something.

Chanel Bags

Thanks so much for posting these, they are fantastic! So bummed I missed what looks like a truly unique evening.

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