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Existential Punk

It is good to hear what is happening in the UK is resonating with people in America. Keep up the great work! Maybe you can come to Richmond, VA sometime!
Adele PS Will you be at Emergent in Nashville in May?


Hey, I was at the Conference and was one of the youngest members to have registered (I'm 16) and your presentation Friday night was absolutely amazing! You have no idea how much people appreciated having you there to talk and give your information. It's been such a struggle for a lot of small rural churches in the area to switch to a more contemporary style, and yet while i was watching your worship service, despite all the technology I realised how much more traditional that short worship was than all of the other worship services that had gone on that weekend. I was simply blown away. Anyways, I just wanted to send my congrats and thanks, and I can't wait to read your book (they were all out of copies when i went to purchase one). God Bless!

Rick Unruh

hi. great to meet you and david at the conference in winnipeg - 3 day conferences always seem to me like summer camp for adults.
i took a lot away from your worship and presentation on friday night. i think karly's comment regarding the traditional nature of the worship you led is bang on. the language (images, music, technology) was all current culture though and i think that makes for a revolutionary message.
sorry we didn't get to talk more at the kings head.



I also want to echo the comments that I thought the presentation in Winnipeg was great. More ideas, more concepts, more connections around the world. It really is a small world. I went and looked at some of the photos you had posted about your trip and noticed where you had gone to visit with Dave's in-laws. I found it very coincidental that the person pictured (Azhar Laldin) was the very same Azhar Laldin that I recruited about 5-6 years ago at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay to come to work in Winnipeg. This six degrees of separation thing is really start to scare me. Great blog BTW.

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