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"The person who sets the question sets the direction and has the power of a change agent. (Consider the difference between asking a police chief about crime vs. asking about community safety.)"
David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney
page 14

Is there enough cultural diversity in the emerg-ent-ing church?

Who are the people who can't be involved in these creations of church and how could they be involved in asking their own questions and creating different church. How can you help questions emerge without being part of how that question emerges and is determined?

if someone asked someone who did not want to church what kind of church they would want to go to if they went to church would that be an abuse of power?


Cecchin began to focus increasingly on the "prejudices" which operated in the mind of the therapist. "It is impossible not to have a prejudice. The most common is 'I am here to help you'. The more helpless they become, the more helpful you become," he explains. "It's not a question of expertise, how long you have been working. It happens all the time You always gravitate to the school that fits your prejudice."
That begs the question: If prejudice is so inevitable, what does one do with it? Cecchin suggests that the best use for prejudices is to be acutely aware of them, rather than engaging in the futile business of trying to shake them off. But, at least try to understand the family well before trying to exercise your prejudice on it, he urges. If not, you run the risk of being so blindly attached to your prejudices that you will always find exactly the fault you are looking for in the family. An alternate prejudice, he adds, would ask what is right with the family: what allowed them to survive for this long, alive and seemingly cohesive enough to get to therapy as a unit with an intent to do something about their difficulties. "Even in the most awful story, you can always find something interesting."


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