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Glad you're OK - I am stuck in the BHF offices in West London - but thankfully not in the thick of it. We watch and wait...


Been thinking about you and others I know in London. Glad you are safe and praying for all who've been caught up in this, both victims and those who are coming to their aid.


Was just coming here to check your email, as I gather mobiles are down...was praying you were safe.
Thinking and praying about the whole miserable situation.
Take care x

Phil G

I am able to send and receive text messages...you have keep trying though!

David in Sweden

I am glad you're safe and will keep on praying for the whole situation!

David Johansson


wow! hadn't turned on the news yet today....
so glad your meeting was cancelled!
glad you have wifi at home : )
we'll be praying for all of london!

John Cooper

Glad to see that you are well, havent been able to find my contact list to email up our entire group and didnt even bother to text after two hours of non mobile usuage.

Take Care
Regards Ever


prays to you, your family & all those suffering


Glad you are safe. Thanks for the update here...if you can keep us updated on everyone's status...I'm freaking out a little bit over here; glad for those of you with blogs have posted already...

Love, Daniel


glad to hear that you are okay. i now have to try and get in touch with my family in the city. will be in pray for you all. -shalom gavin


it's always been the nature of evil to prey on our fears, eh? dark tunnel, trapped, fire, screams. . . As we hear the news 33 now dead. Our prayers are with you, your family, and all the folks of london, jonny. The clip of the mayor's speech was so strong. . .

Thomas DK

You and all the people in London will be in our prayers


Hey I've heard back from Kester via email...emailed Adam as well, but know if he's safe he's probly working nonstop for the next week...if you can let me know about other friends there...!?


jonny, good to hear that you are OK, i will be praying for those not so fortunate...God Bless

tim van meter

jonny, so good to hear you are okay, i, courtney, and your other friends at lancaster are in prayer for your family and your city - peace, soon, peace we pray.


Glad to hear you are ok. thoughts and prayers with all our london friends, and with all who live, work and have ones they love in london... and for our sad sad world that god loves.

robert terrell

glad to hear that you are okay and i will continue praying for all of y'all as you sort this whole thing out. we're standing with you.

Anglican Idiot

I have to say I was so impressed with the emergency services today. It's a sad day and the contrast with yesterday when I was hugging a stranger in Trafalgar Square could not be greater.

Andy Harrington

Glad you guys are okay. Hard to be a Londoner away from home today


thanks everyone for your kind words...
daniel - yes everyone you know wasn't near where the bombs were. greenbelt office is pretty close to the area but all staff there were accounted for.


Not the first time the area where the buss bomb went off has been bombed and it is associated with the birth of the atomic bomb.



from the article in my post (above)

""...... but it does make the horror of the moment all too easy to imagine.

It is meant to be easy to imagine. That is part of the terrorists' intention. When Don DeLillo's novel Mao II came out 13 years ago I was one of many readers who thought it was, to use a technical term in literary criticism, a howling dog. DeLillo seemed to be making some confused point about the similarity between art and terrorism, and how terrorists now did what artists used to do, or something. Reviewers, myself included, couldn't get on with it. Now, though, I think I understand what DeLillo meant. His argument was that terrorism is trying to change the world by changing how people see the world. It is trying to get into our heads; to come between our thoughts and memories of the place we live and rewrite them, reorder them. It has designs on our sense of ourselves; it has designs on our memories and our fears. The idea is that when we get on the tube, when we get on a bus, when we see a young man with a beard looking fidgety, the memory of last Thursday will get inside our minds. When the bombers, or someone sympathising with them, said on their website that London is "burning with fear", they were expressing their own deepest wish, because if we aren't then they have failed.""

In a more positive series of contexts and expressions what would a howling dog church be like?

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