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Great line up Jonny, for my "can't waits..." see;


wish i could somehow transport myself & family there this year - prayers to ya'll

let me know if you can connect with my friends - matt (http://www.saint-marks.com/staff.asp) and karen (http://hereticscorner.typepad.com/kinesis/)


YEAY! :-)
Looks wonderful, and has revived a flagging curate struggling with tomorrow's sermon, just reading about it.
Happy, happy thought...GB is coming!

Timothy Wright

My first exposure to GreenBelt and after seeing the lineup of speakers wondering what these folks have to do with following Christ-at least the Christ I have a relationship with is very different from what these folk and I am guessing have with Jesus. I won't be able to make this one this year so I will need to get some money together and buy the CD's pf all the folks I would disagree with and hopefully learn to see things different or understand why I believe what I do.

I hope it goes well.



That is a strange statement to make, granted not all the speakers are on the line up for reasons of faith, but it is impossible to say anything about their Christology from the tiny biogs available... I would also be interested in just how the Jesus you have a relationship with is different from, say Bishop James Jones or John Bell?

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