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we hope to be there, it would be great to see/be invloved in what you are doing, don't hold your breath as i don't hold the diary in my household but we may be around. tim


Hi Jonny

For the record I pass on to all at Grace the thanks of the American Pastors (Todd and Ken) who visited in May. To quote Todd "As I left GRACE that evening I was absolutely giddy with the Spirit."

Can't make Grace this time. Hope it goes well.

You, Pip, others and my thoughts have caused me to blog myself now! http://www.blokeology.blogspot.com/



Hi Jonny
now this is the first time I've placed a comment and I may be placing it in the wrong place - but I would welcome comments from others to help move my thinking on. I find myself in that interesting place/ worrying place where the established church and all its baggage unsettles me. Much of what you say/ present on your blog I find very very useful and thought provoking - particularly the stuff on emerging church/ alternative worship. But my concern is this - is there a danger that this style/ movement is attracting quite polarised groups of people-i.e the 'young' - (I'm use the term loosely ) - those who find mainstream church irrelevant to their culture, their daily life and folks like me...the 'mid lifers' - those who have been atttending, supporting, working in the church for eons and frankly..are burnt out - have had it...are a bit bored and desperately are looking for new expressions of the their faith. But my question is, what about the folks in the middle? - and by that I mean those who have young children, growing families and like myself at that stage, very much wanted a vibrant church with gaggles of children and lively and exciting children's and youth work. What does the emerging church/ alternative worship 'scene' offer them? Is there a danger that the emerging church only meets the needs of certain people at a certain time of life? I can't get my head round this, and I'd appreciate it if anyone else could cast some light on to this conundrum, or speak from experience.

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