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Paul Fromont

Cheers Jonny, I'll have a Chimay with that ;-) Looking forward to reading it; thanks for getting it into the public arena.

David Livermore

Thanks for posting this Jonny! Of the many missiological definitions I've heard given to "mission", none has nailed it more clearly for me than this definition by Kenda! What a compelling, all-encompassing description of mission/ministry, etc. It's freeing, convicting, inspiring...

Here's my tension. How do we measure effectiveness when we use a definition for mission that's as holistic and comprehensive as this? Perhaps I'm demonstrating my terminal Americanness by even suggesting we should measure effectiveness. I'm disinterested in the many measurements that have been used in the Stateside evangelical ministries with which I've been involved--e.g. simply counting conversions, the number of people "exposed" to the Gospel etc.

Yet the researcher in me still wants to assess whether or not we're succeeding at fulfilling mission. And the real cold realities of fund raising, at least Stateside, mandates proving some kind of "success" at living out mission.

Any thoughts?

Nigel Rooms

Yes good discussion about mission which I'm familiar with and thanks for that - my commnets are about the identity question which Kenda Dean locates in 'identification with the crucified Christ' which is ok but don't we basically get to that point through baptism which is not mentioned at all and must be the most neglected sacrament and traditional (passionate?) practice in this debate
we are given our identity at baptism as we become the beloved (Mk 1:11) and we identify with Christ in his death and resurrection (to go a bit further than just the cross!) using the symbolism of water (Col. 2:12)- the question is how can we engage with this passionate practice and make it an ongoing reality in worship and life......

Andy Jack

I've been thinking a lot about how the invention of adolescence was the downfall passion. The existentialist philosopher, Ernest Becker, argues in his book, The Birth and Death of Meaning, that modern materialism has brought about “The crisis of middle-and upper-class youth in the social and economic structure of the Western world.” It is a “crisis of belief in the vitality of the hero-systems that are offered by contemporary materialist society. The young no longer feel heroic in doing as their elders did, and that’s that.” Becker chastises the Christian Church for having been co-opted by materialism, and in the process, throwing away its heritage used to provide young and old with a unique basis for the dignity and heroism of all human endeavor including work and study. For those who believe in a Creator and the unseen world, anyone who serves God “can achieve even in the smallest daily tasks that sense of cosmic heroism that is the highest ambition of man” (Ernest Becker, The Birth and Death of Meaning (New York: Free Press, 1971) p. 126.

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