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Andrew Hamilton

looks great mate!

must be exciting to see it developing


Jonny this is not mean't to sounds negative but I wanted to voice my reservations.

Whilst this would interesting to attend the brochure has put me off 'If you are starting a church from scratch
what do you need to make it a success?'.

There are a few points to this:
This says to me 'we have the answer' and I don't think there is a blanket answer - everytime something comes along and says do it like this and it will be a success and does it?

Indeed if we are to take culture in the context of setting up a church, it depends what culture, not just english, welsh, african etc but what about class, upper class, working class and where you are in this country?

The aim is to create a church in the emerging culture by the end of the year...are we not still in conversation about what that actually is or has it now been defined?

I'm not knocking it but it feels very much like this may jumping the gun a little - it makes me feel rather disappointed. I think it is great for like minded people to get together and converse and discuss, for growth both spiritual and personal and also to add more to the emerging church discussion...I don't think we've reached the point where we can just structure an emerging church and show someone how to do it.

Oh yeah....and it's very expensive:~)

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