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Johannes Kleske

You can just use the categories in Typepad to get started with tagging. Technorati recognizes these as tags.


ahhh - that's useful to know...


Talking of this sort of stuff, you might like to sign up for London Bloggers (http://londonbloggers.iamcal.com).

Just a nice idea, and requires no work... but links to other local blogs by Tube station.

Hope you've had a good one.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Doh! I've been bumped from 9th on Technorati's "emerging church" down to 12th! Oh the humanity! Guess I'll have to work harder to get linked!


Mark Berry

Jonny, I have just started using Technorati... slow on the uptake I know! and use the categories on typepad as mentioned by Johannes... but... have been wondering about using Echo for a while... any good? why use it over typepads own interface?


ecto is a very cheap and simple programme - a must for blogging. the reason it's so good is that you can write your posts remotely. then when online just click publish and it will post direct to your blog. fantastic for those meetings, train journeys, conferences etc...
the tagging is a bonus...

James Stewart

As you say, many blogs are well indexed by the search engines, but what is really missing from most of the search tools available today is any understanding of semantics or any "intelligent" ability to find what a web-accessible document is "about." Tags provide a loose, bottom-up way of giving some indication of what a blog or a post (or any other snippet of media, for that matter) is about and so provide a bit more structure.

We actually encouraged people at Greenbelt to tag their photos with 'greenbelt2005' (to provide space for future years) and you can find over 1100 photos on flickr with that tag. I wrote some scripts that then pulled together blog entries that linked to Greenbelt or were tagged greenbelt2005, and those photos, and provided an ongoing aggregation of those during and immediately after the festival. It's offline at the moment, but I'm hoping to get it back up as time allows. When that happens it'll be at http://www.greenbelt.org.uk/festival/2005/collage/

As I see it, tagging is part of an ongoing process as we learn to share rich data and provide equally rich meta-data to describe it, so that people can mix and match content to build up something more. It's the same process as the google maps mashups that have taken off this year, and a number of other experiments, tricks and services that follow in that fashion. Tagging doesn't provide everything we need for a really semantically rich web, but it's a useful addition.


James, what I think you are looking for is called the Semantic Web, this is the next great project for Tim Berners-Lee. A definition and links for the SW can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantic_web.

Tim has also just started blogging and his blog can be found at http://dig.csail.mit.edu/breadcrumbs/, but his stuff goes over my head pretty quickly.....

James Stewart

Thanks Richard. I'm well aware of the Semantic Web project and working on various SemWeb related projects, but didn't want to dig into all of that here and drag everything too far from Jonny's original entry.

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