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Well it's... interesting... but hasn't it actaully lost the brilliant simplicity and clarity of the original...? (I think it was by some guy called Jesus)

Mark Berry

Derek... I do know what you mean... but... "Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be your name"... "forgive us our tresspasses" etc... not particularly simple! This is a retranslation from the original aramaic and so could be said to be more true to the words of Jesus than the bastardisation of the King James translation said in most Churches today... I'm not making a case for one or the other... I like some of the phrases in this...ie. help us not forget our source, yet free us from not being in the present! anyway I am all for adding to the resource we have.


Like Derek said...
If we still learned how to actually read, it would be as it was meant to be-understandable, clear, and totally God-centered. I can't read or speak Aramaic, but this version sounds very man-centered. Missing something in translation?

Mark Berry

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying its perfect.. by no means (check out the discussion on my blog) but it is easy to a) dismiss things because they are not what we are used to... I'm not really sure how much more "man" focussed it is than the trad version...

O Breathing Life, YOUR Name shines everywhere!
Release a space to plant YOUR Presence here.
Imagine YOUR possibilities now.
Embody YOUR desire in every light and form.

Help us not forget our Source,

From YOU arises every Vision, Power and Song

... but I appreciate that because it doesn't use the word God, it may be difficult for some... though I do know a Worship Leader from a Pente Church that is using it!

b) to expect others to learn our language and c) for words to become meaningless in repetition...

... again I stress I am not advocating scrapping the old version, although as the version used by most Churches isn't even a translation from source, but a modernised version of a modernised version translated from Latin etc. etc. perhaps we shouldn't be too prescious about the words contained in it... meaning depends on the context and the hearer at the best of times!

priscilla Rodriguez

here's what i think.... I think that the Lord's prayer now a days are just spoken by words and not by heart!!! our problem now is how can we make people realize this prayer!!!! we can't just simply tell them to pray it...


Saw this great explanation of the Lord's Prayer which might help.


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