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Andii Bowsher

Jonny, I love these quotes and the book has gone on my 'buy later' list. One thing I'm wondering about though. The book is from 1925, ample time for there to have been fruit from its ideas. So where can I /we find out what came of this perspective.

Part of my interest is that there are a lot of resonances with NewAgery in the Indian approach to mysticism, and as a would be evangelist into that world, I'm eager to learn those lessons too.

Colin Darling

I'd add it depends what part of Hinduism, surely?

Perhaps linked to the five living seeds (esp 1 & 2) there is also the tremendous theme of silence.

I think this is not silence in a similar way of understanding it in the Christian tradition and so possibly harder to connect to for me, more painful even.

Henri Le Saux, Abhishiktananda, wrestled and wrote about this and some of his writing can be difficult for some Christians.
In them there is the idea of finding a place of silence where we leave behind this world and 'duality'.

The Christian sense of 'God present with us' and in silence knowing him or at least waiting for him is a different place from this.

The Russian Orthodox description in "the Art of Prayer" of noticing joy but not becoming distracted from prayer by it somehow sits somewhere between the two ideas.

My own attempts to understand Hinduism in an incarnational approach to mission led me to an experience of prayer that I found profoundly painful. Maybe it was connected to some Christain ideas of prayer - particulalrly those reported by some Catholic and monastic writers. I have been unable to go there.

However I would say as a Christian I have been blessed even in the attempt to understand . . .


You should read more about St. Thomas and his travels in India. Christianity and Christian thoughts have been in India from the days St. Thomas came here. You will find information online. A google search on writing by Indian authors will help you find it.



Concerning an ample time for there to have been fruit from E. Stanley Jones' ideas and where we can find out what came of this perspective - I must say that I have read "Christ of the Indian Road" back in 1970 when I was a teen, and it transformed my life, giving me an attitude and tools to use in my own walk in God's grace. I always remember Jones' phrase, "It is not enough to be a Christian. We must be Christ-like." And, "I thought I had to bring Christ where ever I went. I learned I did not have to bring Christ. Instead, I only had to live Christ. When I lived Christ, Christ brought Himself. (paraphrased)"
While this did not bring about a crusader's change on a grand scale, it did powerfully change my life and I tried to live in a Christ-like manner - far from religion, but deeply within the grace of the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and thus was able to share Christ with many people who otherwise would not step foot inside a church. One on one. The wisdom of Jones' experience when reaching out to others with the hope that is Christ is far reaching. I am 56 years old now. My life has been made richer by practicing, since I was 19 and first read the book, the mediation of 'living Christ' and being 'Christ-like' rather than Christian, though I had failed often enough. I hope the lives of those whom I have touched have been pointed to the Savior because of such a perspective as Jones offered. I feel it is a mandatory read for any Christian who has dedicated their lives to the service of the King - where ever the King would feel it necessary to place them.

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