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Mark Berry

Hallelujah! Dog collars here we come!

Fernando Gros

big and hope-inspiring move!

Sue Wallace

A great decision in principle but I'll believe it when I actually see some of these minsters being treated properly, taken seriously, paid, loved, and not being thrown down like heaps of rubbish, trodden in the dirt, despised, insulted and generally spat on by the heirarchy.


This is good news but as you quite rightly said in your original post the cofe has to look at training for routes other than the ordination route as we need more "jonnybakers" in the church and as the energy of the church starts from it's worship - when will the church give the training time (and support) to the worship leaders? The likes of your work and Sue Wallaces work on worship is fantastic but the wider church needs to get a grip on it - it needn't be a generation thing either - what it does need to be is progressive...

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