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We are very happy with our weekly delivery and I try to blog pictures of strange vegetables from time to time. We started a composting system at the same time so the farm's mud becomes our mud. Eat the brocolli within two days. Salad goes off quickly. Carrots go bendy after 6. Spuds keep well as do cabbages and onions. Learn emergency soup recipes and freeze it.


hot tips - thanks.
i think a discussion with you may have influenced jen to nudge us in this direction or am i imagining that?


Way behind mate. It's all about allotments now ;-)
I think Vaux has mutated into an alternative veg creation service.
Dig it.


so that was your great 'watch this space' for vaux was it?! an allotment - come on kester...

Fernando Gros

we used to do abel and cole back in our london days. the produce was great and I did like the news from the growers and range of produce. it was a great example of the kind of thing wendell berry talks bout in terms of urban dwellers better understanding primary produce and developing a more sustainable food culture.

John Cooper

Hello Jonny
One of the good things about the box schemes are the alterability about frequency of deliveries (ie allowing a week to be skipped etc) also what is delivered can be altered so if you have had ages of one veg you can runa flag up the preverbial pole and bellow no more xxx can I have somehting else please!

Or that is what abel and cole do anyway....

Warm Regards

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