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can i plonk this review on my youth ministry site?

ive prebooked the book on amazon.com released in another month :(


BTW, the north american version comes out in may.


sure darren - go for it...

hi marko - wonder why we got it first?!

steve collins

big amen to what mark yac says.

Chris Kan

Hi Jonny
You have no idea how inspiring this post is. Living in Oz, where contemplation is a dirty word in most church circles, and living in a community where we are desperatly trying to live these disciplines, the fact that others are doing the same fills me,and us, with hope.
Peace to you, and thanks for your super site.
Chris and the TC


i'm looking forward to the book, encouraged even more with your review. wish i could make the little promo retreat in nashville, but it is smack in the middle of our school graduations.


My passion is for contemplative prayer and I'm very much looking forward to this book arriving in the states. Thanks for the tip.


I just linked both this blog and the book site on my Xanga. I'm planning on going to Nashville. Anyone else coming? BTW, when I registered, the site asked if I wanted a free copy of the book.


sadly it's a bit far for me todd... but i'm sure it will be great. i've not met mark but hope our paths cross at some stage.


I get concerned these days that we are creating a culture in church, for youth, that 'needs' all the noise. I love the noise! But I need the stillness to make sense of it sometimes. I tend not to find God in the noise but in the stillness. That said, I'm more introvert than extrovert (though don't label myself as either). One of my senior friends (and guides) said to me that, what you attract them with you 'need' to keep them with. Hmmm... This book sounds interesting.


Hi Jonny
I don't think Mark was available for GB had they asked him last year, but maybe this year or next? I have mentioned it. You may want to talk to Diane about it too...
ps I will be hopefully hanging out at the tiny tea tent most of the time at Greenbelt this year with mine and other small cherubs, should anyone want to say hello.

A True Evengelical Believer

When will the EC open its eyes and see that contemplative prayer is unbiblical and not of God. It is nothing more than eastern buddhist transcendental meditation with a new wrapper on it. Wake up people! Wake up! This is heresy in a handbag! Dont sell your soul or your faith for this garbage. May God have mercy upon you!


Tony's book Soul Shaper has been a great resource for us, we used it as a reference extensively during our vintage faith series in January (I am really looking forward to having him here with us in Calary in October). I'll have to pick up Mark's book next month when it hits Canada.


looking forward to reading it, thanks for the link and info jonny, as always brilliant...maybe see you sat.


thanks tim - yes should be fun on saturday - communion by numbers!

Phil Groom

Another recycling request: OK to use this in my Reviews section, please? Will link back and acknowledge, of course. Thanks in anticipation...


sure - that's fine phil

Phil Groom

Thanks jonny - fyi:

George Hulme

I am currently reading Mark Yaconelli's "Contemplative Youth Ministry" and finding it a breath of fresh air! My wife and I are youth leaders in our CofE church with 10 youngsters from 11 - 17. Both of us are also involved with adult contemplative prayer groups. One is a mixed denomination group that meets in a Carmelite Monastery practicing Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina, the other is made up of some church members who meet in a front room. Both are beautiful places where the presence of God is tangible.
We are starting to introduce contemplative practices into our youth group. Our first attempt was to use the four stages of Lectio Divina to lead them into silent awareness and simply resting in God. The insights that the young people had from the scripture passage was wonderful and the sense of peace at the end was, well, just sooo good!
We are still using the meeting time for teaching and fellowship but the youngsters do actually seem to be interested in learning and are asking very pertinent questions. We have used Godly Play techniques which have been well received too. In the wondering sessions and the art work afterwards, it gives opportunities to listen to the deep thoughts and aspirations of the young people. Life indeed!! We are intending to introduce silent prayer and imaginative prayer. It should be an exciting year!


sounds great. i also love the way that mark suggests working as a team and using those times to listen to what god is saying and doing.

George Hulme

Our team of helpers come from either a traditional Anglican background or from a mixed evangelical "stock". It is interesting that none of them had experienced contemplative prayer before and that consciously experiencing the presence of God was quite unknown to them. Prayer for them was always about petitioning God, not simply being with him. It is amazing that they are open to new(old)ways. The PCC is another thing, there seems to be a silence of another sort when I mention contemplative prayer. Oh well, slowly, slowly ...


wow - that's amazing. mark yaconelli is coming to greenbelt this year by the way which i am excited about

Rev. Alfayo KInara

It is amazing that your burden for the youth is fantastic. I am a pastor and founder of Gospel Word Foundation church in Nairobi. I desire that you come and help develop a strong youth ministry across our ministry in Kenya. Tel. +254-724-947-041

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