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thomas aka Headphonaught


Existential Punk

Those ads are AWESOME and very fresh and creative! Adele

Timothy Wright

Do you know anything about the UCC? The only people they would reject would be Orthodox Christians as bigoted, and narrow minded. It's kinda like the Nazi's doing a commercial on childcare for Jewish Children. Well done and thought out but coming from the UCC, its a bit rich.



Regardless of your feelings about the UCC, you must admit that they create genius ad campaigns.

Timothy Wright

Yes they are brilliant. Just like Leni Riefenstahl and her Nazi Movies like Triumph of the Will. Chiiling but well done.



that is just ridiculous... you are now comparing ucc to the nazi party and doing it in the public domain (on my blog)?! have you thought this through? step back and rethink maybe?

i have been to the ucc - i found a welcome, people full of faith with a passion for justice, concerned to follow christ...

maybe they have a different theological stance to you but it seems like you just want to press the ejector button yourself when they are part of your own family. i think it's ironic at least, if not tragic. perhaps their ad is more relevant than i realised...


We are Nazis? Nazis, schmatzies (said Werner von Braun). Nazis were the closed minded ones, no? Do all churches have baises? Yes. Do we all feel more comfortable with biases that match our own? Yes. Could a more evangelical or fundamentalist (current word usage) run a TV ad where mainline denoms like the UCC hit the ejector button on a Bible toting, hand-raising, foot-stomping worshipper? Why yes, they could. We are all part of the body of Christ whether we want to be or not. None of us gets it totally or even 50% right. Grace means that God grades on a curve, a drastic curve.

Our (all of us) biggest problem is that we are so ready to hit the ejector button on those whom we encounter with distaste, lepers, women caught in adultery, people who overthink theology, people who over-feel worship, people who don't get in deep enough, people who get in way to deep and so on ad infinitum, ad nauseum.



I sent the link to a friend who made the following comment:
"The astounding thing about that ad for me is that they were apparently able to make it without feeling any cognitive dissonance about its
implied sweeping condemnation of other churches."

Fair point?


i just want to celebrate that thousands of people who have been rejected by the church, or who have felt rejected by the church, or who imagine they would be rejected by the church (and the research tells us they do number in their thousands) are able to hear a message that there's a community of faith where they will be welcome. thank god.

imagine you're a mother with a young baby who cries all the time, who is made to feel like you are an unwanted disruption wherever you go (including most churches) - what a beautiful message of grace this ad is.

i hope we could all put our churches names to it. i'm not so sure about mine...


OK - so the UCC is bit liberal and wishy-washy for you (and probably for me as well).(a USA RC friend described it as 'Unitarians Considering Christ')

But take the main point.

God doesn't reject people.

Leave out the advert, live with the truth.

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