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Árni Svanur

I find this quite interesting, thanks for sharing it Jonny.

Tom Allen

Renovare has more impact on my current church than anyother "outside" influence - we are diverse lot some of whom are natural tolerant, while others are convinced that if only we follow a particular path (the one that influences me most) then all will be well. Renovare not only affirms and explains the different streams/traditions, but also exposes the weaknesses/temptations which are inherent when God given insights become muddle with human motivations.I think is provides a profound agenda for any church which claims to be inclusive and welcoming.


Thanks for the information. I just picked Richard Foster's Spiritual Discipline books this year and have found them so useful in my spiritual life. Didn't think to see if he was still actively helping churches. Thanks for the website info -- it is now bookmarked!

I wonder how many churches are using his small group resources?


funny you should be using the richard foster stuff we have just started using the renovare stuff in our small groups at home sheffield

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