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I love that sign. It really is true. Because no matter where we end up on this side of eternity...our destination is on the other side. And we won't get where we're going til we get to heaven.....huh?...yeah :)

Timothy Wright

So if I am a child molester, enjoy the journey, if I am a pathelogical liar, enjoy the journey. So if I am on my way to hell and eternal separation from Jesus, enjoy the journey. You really don't believe this do you.


Existential Punk

Jonny, great picture for a camera phone! What kind of mobile phone do you have?

Tim, life is a journey whether we go through ups and downs. Life is a process and is not always wholesome and perfect. Come on, get over yourself and allow it to be what it is, a metaphor. Stretch your creative faculties, man.


Tim, Tim, Tim

The sign says, "The journey is the destination." All we have is now. All we have is this journey, and I'm not so sure it ends on this side of eternity. The point isn't enjoyment, the point is making the most of it. Early Christianity was known as "The Way," remember? Jesus did much of his teaching on a journey from place to place. For Jews the Shema (Deut 6) gets believers to focus on living a life that is an example (to their children especially) "while you are on your way." We are in the most danger as Christians when we think we have arrived.

So, appreciate the journey. It never ends.


Timothy Wright


I totally agree with the journey metaphor in one aspect. I have been in enough therapy to appreciate the now, for you are right that is all we have but to not focus on direction is to seeminlg mislead people that whatever journey they are on is the correct journey. Can you imagine the consequences if an air traffic controller told the all the planes landing or taking off say enjoy the journey without pointing what plane to what runway and whether it was clear for take off or landing. Chaos and tragedy.

If we use the journey metaphor to come alongside people and start a dialogue then its a great approach, but to not tell people that their journey is leading them somewhere is not love but indifference.

Before i became a disciple of Jesus, my main annd only hobby was lieing. I was a pro, passed lie detectors, conned people out of money, women their virginity, chrsitians out of their walk with Jesus, sowed dissension and pain. I totally loved my journey. I was in control ---for a season- when things got to tough--i moved on to the next group of fresh victims. Only Jesus set me free.

"Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment" Heb 9:27

We only have one journey and then comes judgement. If you knew me you would know me as someone who embraces the tenderness of Jesus and his kindness and compassion for all people. Once we die, our opportunities to receive that love is over. Never to be repeated again. Thats why paul says:

"Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade men." 2 Cor 5:11

I love my journey with Jesus, like you I hope and pray that others embrace the person of Christ for the =journey of their life and eternity.

In His Love


barry taylor

Are you familiar with the book, The Journey is the Destination by Dan Eldon? He was a young photo-journalist who was killed in Somalia and the book is a selection of his journals--pretty cool if you haven't seen it--hope all is well, Barry

Ali Campbell

A bit heavy on here . . . just dropped by to say I miss Munsons honey-nut latte . . . yummm.


thanks ali - hope the new job is working out ok? yes i was just struck by the photo opportunity of the sign but there you go!

kyle m

its an interesting thought
"the journey is the destination"

another interesting thought is
"where ever you are, there you are"

these "interesting thoughts" pop up everywhere.

did you know?
these "interesting thoughts" themselves are incomplete - they trick people into thinking they are complete thoughts, which cause people to live incomplete lives.
(because our lives, are our thoughts manifested)

think about it.
its simple; but the masses are used to digesting Justin Timberlake lyrics and chinese fortune cookies thoughts etc etc.

try some heavenly food.

Lianne Bodaly

I dont get it!!! What does eternity have to do with it!! please someone help!!


with the sign? nothing. it was just a board outside a coffee shop.

with life/faith? quite a lot... can you say exactly what you are asking?

Ben Cohen

The journey may be synonymous with the destination, but the sandwiches are considerably more expensive...


my favourite saying! such a great pic too - cant believe it was snapped on your mobile!

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