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seb apostol

hi dude sounds good what chanell?


bbc 2 - how are you?

Mark Fletcher

What an inspiring series this has been. I have huge sympathy for what Tony has to say. Here is that quote in full...

"I’ve been to a few churches around town and they just annoy the **** out of me because they’re so fake, and the people look so lost, and the people on the stage just look so plastic and so charming and so seductive, and I just think ‘I don’t believe in these people’. These people are not an expression of faith. So, I’d much rather just slip into a church and sit there for 10 minutes and have a bit of quiet time, or pray at home. I don’t feel that you necessarily have to turn up at a certain place at a certain time dressed in a certain way to express your faith and live out your faith. I think there’s other ways of doing it."

david hughes

It was a really good follow-up to last year's series and I too was amazed at the lasting effects of their stay upon the men, particularly Tony, Gary & Nick.

The time in the series (repeated last night) when Tony meets with Francis, his spiritual advisor, and is touched by the Holy Spirit (Tony uses the term 'energy' rather than Holy Spirit, but I believe that's who it was) is the most compelling piece of TV I think I've ever seen; and the more recent meeting between the two that we saw was also very moving - Francis' encouragement to Tony that 'Blessed are the cracked, they will let the light in' was, in itself, worth watching the programme for.

I shall certainly watch 'The Convent', but I have to say I wasn't very enamoured with the tone of the trailer for it. Still, if it gets people watching, I'll put up with it!

Incidentally, Christopher Jamison's (Abbot of Worth Abbey) book, "Finding Sanctuary" is a very useful read and, at around 180 pages, not a hard slog - highly recommended.

James Carmichael

Is there any way to view this online for us on the other side of the Atlantic? Any one know?

Sounds really cool - we had a series recently called "God or the Girl" about young men considering the Catholic priesthood (on a channel called A&E).

Paul Fromont

The book is brilliant. Well worth a read.

david hughes

James - it isn't online, but you can find a trailer and lots more information about the original series at www.bbc.co.uk/religion/programmes/monastery if you're interested.


jonny... ever heard the leonard cohen song "anthem"?



absolutely - i thought of it immediately. no doubt the monk is a secret fan!


It was an exellent follow up to a great series. I thought Tonyand his desire for real community very interesting, if sad. I suppose its the experience of many who have had an spiritual encounter that they can't quite match up to church.

I hope he finds somewhere.

Looking forward to the convent.


Excellent series, which I'm glad to say has provided more topics of conversation at work than Big Brother!! Our boss has bought all her team a copy of Finding Sanctuary. Implications will be interesting!


"brother anthony has written a book..."

I thought it was the Abbot, Christopher Jamison? ;-)


oops - yes sorry - getting confused with another monk i met. i'll correct it!

James Carmichael

thanks for the link david :)

Kelvin Holdsworth

The line, "Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light" appears in Michael Arditti's novel "The Celibate" as a new beatitude thought up by an ordinand in a seminary.

Now, which is more likely - that Dom Francis has been reading Michael Arditti or that he has been listening to Leonard Cohen?

james marcus robinson

i might be mistaken, but i was pretty sure that "blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light" was originally a quote from groucho marx, wasn't it?


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