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that is just hilarious
thank you for making me laugh today
definitely restored my sanity
as i am surrounded by humourless fundamentals right now


This is just tooo funny! Well, then after you think about it a bit longer it's more than a little sad. BTW, we had a guest at our worship gathering some time back by the name of: Beek Wyatt.


i saw it on tv... my wordy, it was funny.

the author of the article used the easter saturday worship mark pierson and i did as her main example of the evils of all things alt / emerging... i think that backfired on them too because i keep getting calls and emails from people who have read the article and are now really interested in the whole area. all in all, i don't think the article has had the effect they were quite hoping for.

mediawatch is repeated tonight. i'll try to get a digital recording of it.


Hey Jonny, Josh here Sydney Australia (we met at Mission 21 earlier this year) the latest happenings with the article being published have been fairly funny, but what should also be mentioned is that it has brought an awesome amount of publicity for us who are involved with emergent and people are starting to ask questions rather than just write us off as heretics. People are starting to interact with us and actually see that alot of what we do is helpful for people. So all in all i found it very amusing ( i alerted adrian about it and sent him a copy of "The southern cross" last month) but it has been for the best. Interesting how God works.


good news cheryl and josh... btw do you know each other? you probably should!


glad the bare facts have emerged. very funny!!!1

now how do i stop myself from watching the video over and over???

Existential Punk

What a crack up - NO PUN INTENDED!!!! Fundies need to get over themselves like i did when i escaped the fundie "coven". Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

Jonathan Erdman

Does it matter whether the story is "true" or not? Does it matter whether the propositions asserted in the story (i.e. the existence of Adam and Eve) corresponded with reality?

Maybe the story is true for the Fundies simply because they believe it and use it as a narrative for the expression of their own community values.

"What is truth"
- Pilate


Saw the article on Media Watch and almost fell off the lounge laughing. A truly ironic moment!

Matt Stone

Jonny, You may be interested in my original post on 'full monty emergence' which brought it to Adrian's attention.


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