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Existential Punk

I learned about the non church movement last fall in a class on ecclesiology with Brian McLaren. We used "AN INTRODUCTION TO ECCLESIOLOGY: ECUMENICAL, HISTORICAL & GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES" by Veli-Matti Karkkainen. It was a great book and i really enjoyed the chapter on the non-church movement. It was one of my favorites, so i look forward to reading this article. Thanx for posting this!

Michael Reed

The true church is Jesus Christ, not just a religion or building. Japan needs to be wary about the nonchurch movement.

God bless Japan and Taiwan :).

Existential Punk

Michael, why does Japan need to be wary about the non-church movement? When you make statements like this, you should clarify with an explanation!


This sort of missiological thinking is helpful for the Indian Culture. Certainly middle and upper class indian christians are looked down upon by other indians for a whole bunch of cultural assumptions.

Matt Stone

That last paragraph you quote very much reflects some of my own reservations with how things are going in the EC.


I have some reflections on the Nonchurch movement in Japan. It is lay-oriented and independent in ethos and structure. Thus teachers in the movement are not trained by a central body, are not ordained, and groups frequently form, dissolve and re-form. There are no stipends paid; but members of a specific bible group pay member fees and magazine subscriptions which how teachers "earn" their pay. It is not under aegis of any existing denominations.

The movement has some indigenized features to it, but it is also strongly influenced by certain streams of US Protestantism. Uchimura Kanzo the founder studied at Amherst college in New England and was directly influenced by (and he acknowledged all this) New England Puritanism and Quaker thought. The movement is patriarchal with 60% male membership and exclusively led by male teachers.

There are positive and negative illustrations to be found in it and likewise positive and negative lessons to learn from its example.

My item on the Nonchurch movement can be read at

Steve Wray

This "nonchurch" thing is clearly another false gospel. Individual salvation is not "flawed theology", as stated above. God says "Ye must be born again." (John 3:7). Salvation IS an individual thing. That is not to say that the believer, once born again (or "saved", to use another Bible expression), should not then try his best to be good to his fellow man. But salvation is necessary in order to go to heaven, and to avoid spending eternity in the lake of fire. This is not "requiring people to sign on a dotted line"; it is vital. Futhermore, God clearly wants saved people to assemble in local Churches, so any movement called "Non Church" cannot possibly be of God.

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